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Luciana May 15, 2008 Site Maintenance 23 Comments

Welcome to Amy Adams Fan, the newest fansite dedicated to the amazingly talented and stunningly beautiful actress Amy Adams! The idea for this site came to us in January 2008 and we have been working on it since, slowly but surely, and are ecstatic to finally be able to open the doors to fellow fans today. We are striving to create a complete resource on Amy Adams and her work, where you can track her career right from the beginning to today with all the latest news, info and media. The site is not totally complete yet as we really wanted to get it out and open as soon as possible. Coming soon is the streaming video archive as well as lots and lots more photos! Stay tuned for daily updates.

But now, our gallery houses over 15,000 photos, making it one of the largest Amy galleries online. It includes our original scans, screencaptures and movie pics, high quality event photos, photoshoots and much more! The information section holds a lengthy, original biography on Amy, lots of quirky quotes and trivia and information on her beautiful style. We opened the Enchanting Amy Adams forum a couple of months back and it has taken off beautifully (over 19,000 posts!). If you’re not a member yet, now is the time to register up! Visit the downloads for icons, audios, articles and wallpapers… And these are just some select features so please browse around the site for plenty more on Amy Adams!

Last but certainly not least, we’d like to thank Frederik of our top affiliate site Simply Streep (dedicated to Amy’s two time co-star Meryl Streep) for the beautiful layout and our friend Stephany of Amy Adams Blog, who will be helping us to keep you updated on the latest of Amy. And, of course, all of the forum members who have supported us, said nice things and sent in donations. Thanks guys, you’re the best!

Amy Adams Fan is really a labour of love so we truly hope you’ll enjoy it. Please feel free to leave any comments and feedback. It would be much appreciated. Thank you! :biggrin:

23 Responses to “Welcome to Amy Adams Fan!”

May 15, 08 • 7:18 pm

Everything looks great! Can’t wait to have a look around. 😉

May 15, 08 • 7:22 pm

Congrats on finally opening up the site! It looks fantastic and it was totally worth the wait :happy: I’m looking forward to the rest of the content being added and the overall growth of this site.

Thank you, Mycah and Riikka!

May 15, 08 • 7:47 pm

The site is just GORGEUS! The layout is amazing and so cute and aaah, just love it all! Great job girls! :hehe: :blush:

May 15, 08 • 7:49 pm

Another great site. I don’t know how you do it.

May 15, 08 • 8:08 pm

yay, it’s open! The site looks fantastic, I love all the content – it’s obvious you’ve put a lot of hard work and love into it all :happy: And the layout is so cute

May 15, 08 • 8:10 pm

Another great site! Congrats! :love:

May 15, 08 • 9:15 pm

Amazing job girls! I’m so glad to see this site open. :biggrin:

May 15, 08 • 10:22 pm

This site is Da Bomb :biggrin:

May 15, 08 • 11:14 pm

wow! the new site looks totally awesome!! :biggrin: :biggrin:

May 16, 08 • 12:06 am

Wow, amazing site! Its beautiful! =) I love the Amy bios, they are thoroughly detailed!

May 16, 08 • 12:41 am

:love: awesome ! Love the layout !

May 16, 08 • 2:45 am

Yeah!!! Finnaly it’s up.. I’ve been longing for this site to open up 😀 Everything looks soo amazing, really! Thanks for always bring us first place fansites 🙂

May 16, 08 • 4:57 am

Wow! The look and content is just awesome!

May 16, 08 • 5:21 am

Wow, you girls have put a lot of effort into this 😯 And I *love* the galley layout, very nice! :love:

May 16, 08 • 8:28 am

The site looks fantastic! The navigation doesn’t work for me though. Did you code it for Firefox?

May 16, 08 • 8:36 am

Yay for the grand opening! The site looks amazing. *skips off to check out everything*

May 16, 08 • 8:44 am

Annika: Yes, it was coded for FireFox but we’re working on solving this issue. Thanks for the heads up!

May 16, 08 • 9:18 am

Aaaah the site is so gorgeouuuus !!!
You guys did such a great job ! It’s amazing, thanks !


May 16, 08 • 11:58 am

I love the layout ! :love: Great job!

May 16, 08 • 2:28 pm

It’s finally up! I’ve been waiting for this! It’s beautiful and I can’t wait to sell what else is in store.

WOW, that biography is amazing. You’re right when you say “it’s a labour of love.” You two put so much effort into this site, and it shows.

May 16, 08 • 3:13 pm You did such an amazing job with this site, girls! 😀 Ugh, I can’t wait to look around moar! ^^

May 16, 08 • 3:58 pm

Awesome, I can’t wait to surf around the site! 😀

May 21, 08 • 1:32 am

Wow, this site is so incredible. I especially love the projects and biography section and my god the gallery layout is so original and incredible – I’ve never seen a layout like it before. Best Amy site ever! 🙂

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