2008 Jun 01

Talladega Nights & Underdog DVD Caps

We’re literally minutes away from the MTV Movie Awards but I decided to bring you another update anyways. I am very sorry that I was unable to update these past few days, my computer broke down on Wednesday so I wasn’t able to do anything until it was fixed. Thankfully it appears to be resolved now (*fingers crossed*) and updates will resume like normal!

I have added screencaptures from two small Amy roles. The hilarious Talladega Nights and the features of Underdog. I included a few caps of the dog Amy voices, but didn’t cap the whole thing obviously. Hehe. Anyways enjoy, and be sure to join us on the ‘MTV Movie Awards Watch Thread’ on the forum!

2 Comments on “Talladega Nights & Underdog DVD Caps”

  1. thank you for posting these…they made me feel better after the really bad results from mtv which i offically despise… :unsure

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