2008 Jul 21

Psycho Beach Party DVD Screencaptures

Thanks to my good friend Stef, we now have DVD screencaptures of Amy’s performance in Psycho Beach Party. Even though it is one of her very first roles, I think Amy did a fabulous job and it still remains one of my favorite films of hers. I warmly recommend it to all the fans!

2 Comments on “Psycho Beach Party DVD Screencaptures”

  1. This is the movie where I first discovered Amy, despite having become a fan after “Enchanted” like so many other people. I recently read somwhere that the UK is getting it on DVD, and that’s great. I just hope it’s not censored, like the Australian version is. If not, then the British Isles are in for a treat.

  2. Dan, I also noticed that the Australian version was cut! I was so surprised and disappointed. Even some of Amy’s scenes were cut. Yes, the UK is getting a release soon. I’ll have to check whether or not it is the original version.

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