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Thanks to my good friend Stef, we now have DVD screencaptures of Amy’s performance in Psycho Beach Party. Even though it is one of her very first roles, I think Amy did a fabulous job and it still remains one of my favorite films of hers. I warmly recommend it to all the fans!

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July 29, 08 • 1:01 pm

This is the movie where I first discovered Amy, despite having become a fan after “Enchanted” like so many other people. I recently read somwhere that the UK is getting it on DVD, and that’s great. I just hope it’s not censored, like the Australian version is. If not, then the British Isles are in for a treat.

July 30, 08 • 4:50 am

Dan, I also noticed that the Australian version was cut! I was so surprised and disappointed. Even some of Amy’s scenes were cut. Yes, the UK is getting a release soon. I’ll have to check whether or not it is the original version.

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