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Luciana Jan 04, 2009 Site Maintenance 6 Comments

Welcome to the second version of Amy Adams Fan! We wanted this up in time for Doubt but things were just so hectic for me I didn’t have time – but it’s a new year so a new layout is in perfect tune!

The gorgeous design is yet again by fabulous Frederik of Simply Streep! And I coded it myself – painfully for 6 hours! hee! It is a darker design and we know those aren’t always favored but we wanted something for the winter and love it! And how can you not love the Vanity Fair shoot? We really hope you like it as much as we do! Any and all feedback is always welcome and appreciated!

6 Responses to “Version 2 of Amy Adams Fan!”

January 4, 09 • 4:39 pm

It’s so different … and so beautiful! Great work as always Frederik & Mycah 😀

January 5, 09 • 12:29 pm

It’s gorgeous! Nice and curvy, which i like!
6 hours?!? I hate darn coding! I’m still trying to get Ali right in IE! :@!

January 6, 09 • 2:43 pm

I think its just beautiful.Great job! It really makes the colored photos pop.

January 6, 09 • 5:38 pm

It looks really amzing Mycah, great work both of you!!!

January 6, 09 • 6:20 pm

Very Nice! It gives it a whole new look in a cool way! Nice work !! I think the 6 hours payed off! very cool!

January 7, 09 • 1:52 am

Amazing work Mycah and Frederik! The new version is absolutely gorgeous!

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