2010 Apr 01

New Owner

Hello everyone! My name is Chelsa and I am very ecstatic to announce that I will be taking over Amy Adams Fan. You might know me from my other fansites, Sarah Jessica Central and Claire Danes Fan. I first want to thank Mycah for entrusting me with this amazing fansite. I am extremely pleased to be taking over, and I hope that this transition of owners will run smoothly for everyone. I really want to please the visitors, since you are what matter, so if you ever have any questions/concerns/comments please do not hesitate to leave a comment. Over the next few days I will be getting Amy Adams Fan fully updated, with the gallery back up-to-date and a fresh new layout by Mycah herself.

To start off my first post here, I have created a new twitter account for the site. You can now receive daily Amy news and updates via our twitter. All you have to do is follow us! Click here to follow us now!

Since the site has not been updated in a couple of months, I have decided to post a short version of all the latest news that has been going on with Amy. Fortunately, with her pregnancy, Amy news has been very slow, so there has not been much that you might have missed. Here are just a few things I thought you might want to know 😉

Enchanted might be having a sequel in the works! To find out more, click here.

Leap Year, Amy’s latest hit film, will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD May 4, so make sure you mark your calendars! To find out the specifics, click here.

And last, but certainly not least at all, I have updated the gallery with all of the public appearances Amy has attended so far this year. I still need to update all the missing events from 2009, as well as many more sections of the gallery, so please bear with me. I will also be working on getting the video archive fully up and launched, so keep checking back! For now, go check out the images of an adorable pregnant Amy!

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