2010 Jul 18

New Layout! New Project for Amy?

We have a gorgeous new layout designed by the fantastic Mycah. I honestly love it, and I hope you do as well! If you run into any problems, please let us know. Leave a comment to let us know what you think! 🙂

Also, I noticed while I was putting up the new layout, that almost all of our pages are outdated, so I will be going through them and updating them. While I am at it, is there any new content that you would like to see here? Leave a comment if you can think of something!

Finally, we also have some Amy news for all of you! Looks like Amy might be playing Janis Joplin in the new film, Janis Joplin : Get It While You Can. This role will be pretty interesting for Amy, and what do you guys think? Do you think she will make a good Janis?

During an interview, Twilight producer Wyck Godfrey got to talking about some other projects his production company, Temple Hill Entertainment, is working on. One of them is a Janis Joplin biopic to be directed by Fernando Meirelles (City of God) starring … Amy Adams. Amy Adams, the lovely, talented, Oscar-nominated actress from Junebug , Enchanted, and Doubt whom it is, nonetheless, absolutely impossible to imagine taking a slug of alcohol, let alone choking on her own vomit? Yes! That Amy Adams! IMDb has the movie listed under the title Janis Joplin: Get It While You Can (though it says both Adams and long-rumored-Janis Zooey Deschanel are playing the lead role). While we can definitely imagine actresses less suited to the part by the fact of their total lack of talent, it is hard for us to imagine an actress less suited to the part by the fact of her total non-Joplin-esque vibe. Of course, if Adams-as-Joplin does fall through, we’re sure Jenna would jump at the chance to put her Jackie Jormp-Jomp impression to good use.

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