2010 Nov 27

We have a new layout!

As you can see, I finally changed the layout. Not that I didn’t loved the previous one, but I’m working to change the whole content we had in here from php pages to WordPress. It’s a hard work, and it makes easier for me if the current theme is activated.
The updates will continue being done in regular basis while I transfer the whole content. Plus, I’ll be transfering the files I still have in my previous domain. Content and posts already transferred.

Please report any error you find. And thanks.

5 Comments on “We have a new layout!”

  1. The header is pretty but it looks like the other Amy Adams fan site. I see that you are using the same free theme. I think it’s a little tacky to use it knowing that another site on the same actor is using it.

  2. I really don’t mind. I use this same theme in other sites of mine, I like it. A lot of other sites around are using the same theme,
    what will be the reason of bothering when/if I change my layout? C’mon…

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