2010 Dec 17

Parade photoshoot and article

As you know, Amy is featured on cover of Parade magazine. Their official website has the article and some pictures from her photoshoot already up.
I’ll be working soon in our press archive, so for now on, you can read the whole interview at the Parade website. The photos are up in our gallery and I hope we can find larger (and untagged) versions soon.

Amy Adams: ‘I’m Trying to Be More Present in Each Moment of My Life’
Amy Adams is still thoroughly enchanting. Let’s just state that for the record right here and now. In her black skirt, red chiffon top, and purple pumps with the four-inch heels that levitate her to the 5-foot-8 stature she believes God actually intended for her, she remains the irresistible charmer who played a princess in the 2007 hit Enchanted. Still, several things are remarkably different about Adams today–starting with her latest film, a 180-degree turn from the sweet-tempered roles she’s best known for.

In The Fighter, starring Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale–the true story of junior welterweight boxer “Irish” Micky Ward, whose memorable bouts in the early 2000s made him the pride of Lowell, Mass.–she plays Ward’s girlfriend, Charlene, a whip-smart, no-nonsense, working-class barmaid who can land a few punches of her own in a street brawl. “You don’t mess with Charlene,” says Adams. “She says what she means, and I love that.”
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