2011 Jul 28

“The Muppets” Posters

Some more goodies for Amy’s upcoming “The Muppets” has been released, and you now can find in the gallery.

I got in my Google alerts inbox some images of Amy probably filming for “The Muppets”, I don’t know if there’s some re-shootings for pre-production, or if the report is a few months late. In all case, you can read (and view pictures) here.

In other movie news, Man of Steel is currently (and officially) being filming now in Aurora, IL. Since it’s the “Smallville” stage, I believe Amy will not be there. Henry Cavill, who was at SDCC this past weekend, didn’t told much about the movie, but confirmed he’s already in Chicago and the filming will start this week. I simply can’t wait to see Amy dressed as “Lois Lane”. ūüôā

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  1. This is so much better from previous poster. I like Amy and Jason on the Posters. I hope they will make this the official Poster for the Muppets.

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