2012 Aug 30

“The Master” David Letterman Clip

Following Tuesday’s release of a new theatrical trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson’s highly anticipated new movie The Master, we’re now treated to a new clip. And while all material bestowed unto the public thus far has lain focus on stars Philip Seymour Hoffman (the charismatic founder of a new religion) and Joaquin Phoenix (his increasingly skeptical protégée), the new video takes a look at another major player: Amy Adams, who portrays the wife and partner of Hoffman’s character.

Adams appeared on The Late Show on Tuesday night to promote the forthcoming movie and offer the below clip to audiences. As you can see in the video, Adams’ Mary Sue Dodd is even more vehement about the merit in her husband’s religion than he seems to be. When the world begins to scorn Lancaster Dodd’s teachings, Mary Sue demands that they go on the attack.

Oscar predictions, anyone?

3 Comments on ““The Master” David Letterman Clip”

  1. Oscar noms for all three, I predict (although Phoenix is most likely going to be up against Daniel Day Lewis’ brilliant portrayal of Abraham Lincoln). I am also hoping that Amy’s role in “On The Road” gets a nod from the Academy. We’ll see!

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