2012 Nov 27

Tu Style – November 2012 Scans

Amy is cover of Italian “Tu Style” magazine, and my friend Claudia was nice enough to scan it to us. Check in our gallery, and also the translated article behind the cut.

Even Superman falls in love with me.
She says she’s a little clumsy. But in the latest two years she starred in six movies, she had a baby girl, and played in theatre. And in 2013 she will be Lois Lane, girlfriend of flying super hero. How can she manage doing this? Easy: her partner thinks of the rest. Because in life charism counts, but if nobody stands for you, where would you go?
article by Andrea Cangioli – picture by Craig McDean

From the 14th floor windows, rays of the californian sunset enter the suite of Beverly Hills, and they light up the red reflects of her hair. With her pretty nose and cobalt eyes, Amy Adams looks like a good fairy. Isn’t a surprise that who knows her assures she’s a really sweet and sincere woman. But it seems, she can also be very determined, professional and pragmatical, especially when being on set. And you can see the results, oh yes you can: the american actress, 38 years-old, has gained three oscar nominations (in 2006 for Junebug, in 2009 for The Doubt and in 2011 for The Fighter). We already saw her this year, exceptional performance, in On the Road of Walter Salles. Now, she will be on screens again from 29 November with Trouble with the Curve by Robert Lorenz, in which she plays Mickey, daughter of a talent scout of baseball on the decline: Clint Eastwood. Next to a big of the cinema, Adams really doesn’t disfigure. At all, she shines one of her best performances.

In the movie you play baseball with Eastwood and teach billiards to Justin Timberlake. Do you feel like a tomboy?
Oh no! It’s a fictional. I was raised among four brothers and they all loved sports (actress also has two sisters). Unfortunately for them I always wasn’t such good in sports. To play the baseball scene I had to take some lessons with a trainer.
When I succeeded, I felt stronger. Now I can teach something funny and new to my daughter, Aviana (born on 2010, her name takes the roots in honor to the village of Aviano, in Pordenone, where the actress who was born in Vicenza, spent her childhood: her father, an american soldier, stayed in Italy for about 10 years).

Is there something you like of Mickey, the character you portray?
She’s a present-day woman: we share a lot in common. When I read the script I thought that we could have been friends and, then, that this movie concentrates a lot on the relationship of father-daughter in a very realistic way, which isn’t so common. Almost every woman I know has something going on with the father figure. As for me, to conquer my father’s approvali it was a never-ending travel.

I saw before your partner with your daughter.
The relationship Aviana has with Darren (actor Darren Le Gallo) is beautiful. She looks for his approval as well. When she tries a new pair of shoes on, first thing she does is running to him to show. It’s a natural thing. As I was watching to them I understood what I felt for my dad.

Mickey is stubborn and proud. You look like her in this?
Yes, I’m very stubborn when I try to achieve my goals and I hardly admit I’m wrong. If I believe someone is being fake, I’m not a sweetheart. I should learn forgiveness.

Did you sympathized easily with Eastwood?
Clint is a puppy, humble and sincere. And he laughs so much! It’s wonderful being with him: when we talk, he laughs in such a way, it’s wonderful, and it makes me happy.

It’s not first time you play against a sacred monster of cinema: you worked twice with Meryl Streep.
I love my job and I know viewers make the confont, it’s normal: I’m not scared to share the scene with famous actors or being part of movies with them. Meryl is an incredible person, she taught me a lot. It’s like she’s a reference point now. Even now, when I’ve to take some important decisions, I try and think what she would suggest me to do.

In February, in the movie The Master, you will be a very tough woman. Are you tired of the good-girl roles?
Really I don’t feel like I’m reflection of a typical next-door girl. I’m always a bit clumsy, a bit nerd, but it seems that also “normal” women have some charisma. Roles are coming casually. I don’t plan stategies. Maybe, I try, after an action movie to make an introspective one.

Next year you will be Lois Lane, Superman’s woman, in the move Man of Steel. Any spoiler?
You will love the movie! Playing such an iconic character made me shudder. I’m not kidding: I’ve always being a Lois Lane fan, since I was a child, she was inspirational and basic to make my idea of how is a woman. She can be ahead men, she’s determined and strong. After all, Superman loves her!

When you speak you often talk about your feelings, your personal relationships and your family.
Yeah it’s true, this time I’m thinking a lot about my private life. I want to dedicate time and energy to my family and my friends. I never put them apart really, but now I wanna stay with them even more. I would like that my daughter could raise among a group of people who love her.

In the last two years you did six movies, your daughter was born, and you played in theatre. How can you handle the rythms?
I don’t sleep and I don’t go on vacation (she laughs). No seriously, it helps when you have a daughter and my husband is really necessary, he never steps back when it’s about helping me. The calmness in your home makes easier to look things from another perspective and go working with a better energy. It happened before that sometimes I came back home and it was hard because, I don’t know, maybe I couldn’t take off a particularly involving character. Now I come back home and Darren asks me “Honey, what you want for dinner?”. And everything is more beautiful.

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