2013 Aug 28

‘Lullaby’ Official Stills and Synopsis

Finally we have some official pictures of upcoming Lullaby, directed by Andrew Levitas and starring Amy Adams, Garrett Hedlund, Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Brown Findlay and Terrence Howard.

A 25 year old chain-smoking, emotionally shallow young man named Jonathan Lowenstein is living in Los Angeles, estranged from his wealthy upper Eastside New York family. One day he gets the call that his father, Robert, who has been battling cancer off and on for ten years, has 36 hours to live. He immediately rushes to be at his father’s side in New York. Jonathan’s father reveals he is tired of fighting his battle with cancer, and has requested that at 8am the following morning he be injected with enough painkillers to kill himself. Jonathan is joined by his mother Rachel, and his younger sister Karen, a student in law school. Upon hearing of the choice, Karen believes their father should be kept alive, against his wishes, and is willing to get a court-order to make it so!

Furious with Karen’s unwillingness to respect her father’s dying wish, Robert proposes that if Karen can make a compelling case to stay alive, he will continue his battle with cancer, and forgo his own death.

In the last 36 hours of his father’s life, will Jonathan find closure and reconcile with his family? And perhaps most importantly, in the face of this touching and raw family tragedy, will he find the strength to stand as a man?

Check the first pictures, courtesy of Media House Capital:

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  1. Okay, so let me just get this straight here…

    The main character is 25 years old. I am assuming that Amy is playing the part of Karen, and not playing the mother (that would be very upsetting lol)… So, I believe I am correct in assuming that Amy is playing Karen.

    This means that Amy, the 39 year old, is playing the younger sister to the 25 year old…and people will actually buy it.

    If this doesn’t prove she is the sexiest women alive I don’t know what does. 😀

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