2014 Sep 20

Amy Adams attends Max Mara fashion show

Last Thursday (18) Amy Adams was at the front row at the Max Mara show during the Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015 in Milan, Italy. Check some pictures:

She also did an interview to NY Times, as you can read below:

Amy Adams, MaxMara’s Newest Hollywood Connection
How do certain celebrities wind up in the front row at fashion shows? Trying to make sense of front-row celebrity seat assignments is a recurring question as the third round of spring 2015 shows races along in Milan.

Amy Adams, the 40-year-old actress, certainly isn’t a fixture of the front row and yet there she was, two seats from Anna Wintour, at MaxMara’s show in Milan on Thursday morning. She’s only been, by her estimation, to six or seven fashion shows over the course of the last decade.

“I don’t even like the front row in the theater,” she said, in an earlier interview from a suite at the Park Hyatt Hotel, near the Duomo. “I don’t like anyone looking at me; I like to be able to have…” She held her hands at a distance, indicating a little bit of space.

Ms. Adams is the face of MaxMara’s latest accessories and sunglasses campaign. “They contacted my agent,” she said. “They were interested in taking a meeting and asked would I be interested? I absolutely was.”

Without a name designer behind its clothes, MaxMara has gotten into the Hollywood game recently as a way of putting a face on the company. Last year, it was Jennifer Garner. This year, Ms. Adams.

“They are actresses, but they don’t act,” said Luigi Maramotti, the chairman of MaxMara, right before the show Thursday. “They are real women. They’re not constantly performing something that’s different from their real self.”

He said the Hollywood connection was particularly important to the house. “It’s the place where dreams are created,” he said. “Creativity in our business is, in the end, creating a dream. It’s not about necessity.”

He added, “This is the reason, not only for MaxMara, that more than ever the connection between fashion and film making and actresses is very strong.”

In Ms. Adams’s telling, it all started with that one phone call.

“I think what was pitched was MaxMara was working on a collaboration between actresses and their line and they’re looking to add you to do that and would you be interested?” she said. “There was a billboard of Jennifer Garner on Sunset that I drove by every day, and I just thought she looks awesome. I want everything she’s wearing.”

Ms. Adams said she had been approached by fashion labels before and had worked with Lacoste on a perfume line.

“It’s always, like, does this work for me?” she said. “Can I talk to people about it and be authentic? That’s very important to me. I’m not a very good faker.”

Apparently, for those brands, she couldn’t be authentic. (When asked to name them, she replied, “I will not say.”)

“I’m not a natural businesswoman, I’m not a natural model,” she said, adding that a lot of the fashion world made her a bit uncomfortable but that this house had made her feel right at home.

The MaxMara look makes sense to her too, she said. “I love lots of designers but I can’t wear their clothing,” she said. “It’s just not going to work. I’m 5-foot-4.”

Mr. Maramotti said her contract is a one-year deal (“For the time being,” he said). But what about that other stuff that you get in that contract: The free clothes? The free purses? Did that help Ms. Adams sign on?

“It’s not written in the contract, no,” she said, chuckling.

But those perks have to be among the more appealing parts of the deal.

“Well, you know,” she said, before pausing and clasping her hands. “I’m not jumping into that pool, mister.”

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