2016 Oct 08

Amy Adams attends “Arrival” Screening at Mill Valley Festival

Amy Adams and fellow friend Emma Stone attended the opening night of the 39th Mill Valley Film Festival on Thursday night. Amy discussed her love of the crapf and her latest roles ahead of screenings at CineArts Sequoia theater, kicking off the 10-day festival.

Amy discussed motherhood (“Sounding out a word with my daughter last night before I had to do something… helping her learn how to read, that’s an amazing moment,” she said) and how her favorite sci-fi films helped her character in “Arrival,” during a pre-screening party at Mill Valley’s Outdoor Art Club.

“My first experience with science fiction was ‘E.T.,’” Adams said. “I always hold on to that – and I know it’s not as sophisticated but it’s such an intimate, human story about relationships.”

Looking ahead, locals also prodded Adams about her forthcoming project “Get It While You Can,” a biopic of San Francisco rock icon Janis Joplin.

“Here’s what I say about the Janis project: It’s sort of like, when Janis wants that to happen, it’ll happen,” she said. “I think she’s still a powerful force.”

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