2016 Nov 10

Amy Adams Visits “Good Morning America”

Five-time Oscar nominee Amy Adams discussed her young daughter’s feelings toward her male co-stars on “Good Morning America” today, especially focusing on little Aviana’s former crush on “Man of Steel” Henry Cavill.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah,” Adams said of her now 6-year-old’s affection for him. “She doesn’t anymore. She makes it very clear. She’s like, ‘Do you remember that funny time when I thought Henry was cute?’ She kind of pinched him on the toosh. She was like a year [old], and Henry was like, ‘She’s your daughter.’”

“She was much cooler about Jeremy [Renner]. She’s much older now,” said Adams. “We got along great. He has a little girl so they ended up playing together. She kind of thinks of him as the dad.”

In the new movie “Arrival,” Adams plays a linguistics professor drafted by the FBI to communicate with aliens.

“I’ve been recruited by the U.S. government to decipher an alien language,” she explained, jokingly adding that being a parent helped her pull off the role of pretending to understand the strange language.

“I got the script and it was so different and so unique and something I really had to be a part of,” she added.

“Arrival” hits theaters tomorrow.

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