2016 Nov 13

Variety Studio: Actors on Actors

Tom Hanks, Ryan Reynolds, Natalie Portman, Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield and Amy Adams are just a handful of the stars participating in Variety and PBS SoCal KOCE’s fifth season of the Emmy Award-winning series “Variety Studio: Actors on Actors.”

The new season premieres Jan. 3 at 7 p.m. PT on PBS SoCal KOCE. Two additional episodes will air at the same time on Jan. 4 and Jan. 5. They will also stream on pbssocal.org, with clips of the upcoming season available on Variety.com starting at the end of this month. “Variety Studio: Actors on Actors” will air on other PBS stations across the nation beginning in January.

Like in years past, the new season will consist of exclusive one-on-one conversations with awards season contenders who starred in some of the year’s biggest films. Amy Adams was paired with Andrew Garfield and they recorded her episode yesterday in Los Angeles. Check pictures added in our gallery:

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