2017 Jan 12

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Video

We updated our site with the video, and screencaptures, of Amy interview last Tuesday on Jimmy Kimmel Live. She talked – obviously – about Arrival, but also about the Golden Globes. On the interview, she explained the photobombing thing with Amy Schumer and the Stranger Things kids.

I had this horrible thing happen where the Stranger Things cast were like, ‘Amy! Amy!’ and I was like, ‘Oh my gah!’ and it was Amy Schumer. So I photobombed a picture and felt better.

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  1. I love her story about her and her brother making money as kids. And her ladylike “That is very *true*, sir!” (I don’t believe she’s had a Grace-Kelly-esque role in a long while..hoping to see that, soon.)

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