2017 Feb 05

Amy Attends Directors Guild Awards

Amy Adams supported Arrival director Denis Villeneuve last night at the Directors Guild Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

Dennis, once again, talked to press about his disappointment over Amy Adams snub at the Oscar.

I thought Amy Adams would be nominated. For me it was a given. It was the only one I was ready to bet everything on. I was very disappointed she didn’t get a nomination but the rest was just Christmas. Honestly, all my crew and I made a strong movie. We know we are bringing good competition.

Listen I won already. To get a nomination with a sci-fi movie like Arrival, for me is already a big victory. To have eight nominations was unexpected.

When asked if Amy was disappointed to miss out the nomination, he replied:

Yes, yes, yes but she took the news with grace. She’s the most generous and humble artist I know and she was just deeply happy for the movie.

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  1. It’s so unjust. “Arrival” wouldn’t have been HALF as powerful as it was, without the pathos that Amy brought to Louise.

    Still, Amy’s handling this snub with grace and class. We’d expect nothing less.

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