2017 Aug 03

Amy Adams Deserves a Larger Role In The DC Universe

The DC Comics movie universe is still finding its feet, but it may finally be hitting its stride thanks to the success of Wonder Woman. We hope that the studio will take a hint from the movie’s success and give its women a larger role. They could start with Justice League later this fall. Amy Adams has already shined as Lois Lane in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, so it would make sense to increase her role in the new movie, too.

Adams is easily one of the most talented actors in the franchise and DC would do well to provide a larger part for Adams to strut her stuff. Jesse Eisenberg has been nominated for an Academy Award, but was slammed for his performance as Lex Luthor. J.K. Simmons won his for his role in Whiplash, and he’s a great choice to fill the role of James Gordon. Meanwhile, Adams has been nominated for an Oscar a whopping five times and still feels like an afterthought sometimes. Despite her pedigree, she’s one of the most underutilized people in the series.

Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman has always been lacking in humanity or anything that actually makes the character interesting, so having Lois Lane to provide some actual depth could go a long way to helping fans better identify with the movies. Adams has discussed her struggles with the role before. She said that it often felt like the character existed in service to the story, rather than having her own development. Given the positive reaction to Wonder Woman, which was rife with well-developed characters, DC would be wise to allow a little more screen time to its most famous non-super-powered female character. They could start by testing the waters of her popularity in other media.

DC has been going all out trying to appeal to wider audiences with its cast of heroes. The company has also adapted most of them to the world of video games. The fighting game, Injustice 2, features tons of heroes and villains and there’s also a variety of online casino games that center on many of the popular films. They’re already working on slots based on Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel movie and it wouldn’t be a stretch to see them do a larger Justice League reel and include Adams alongside the rest of the cast. She’s proven herself not only as a critical darling but also a big box office draw. It would make sense for them to use her portrayal of Lois Lane to help bring in even more fans.

We’ve yet to see Lois Lane featured in any of the trailer for the upcoming movie, but we’re sure to see her and how she’s handling the events at the end of Dawn of Justice. So far Justice League looks like a lot of fun, and we only hope that DC has learned enough from Wonder Woman to pay more attention to its female stars, particularly Adams. Justice League will be in theaters November 17, 2017.

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