2018 May 15

Amy Adams Fan turns 10!

Ten years ago the very first version of Amy Adams Fan came online, built by fellow (and now missed) Riikka and Mycah and designed by my favourite Frederik. Back then, Amy was already a fan favourite due Enchanted and some of her critical claimed projects as Doubt, Sunshine Cleaning and Julie & Julia was still awaiting release.

I came on board of the website two years later (2010) and have been enjoying the ride since then. It’s being a pleasure to follow Amy’s career (and to scream over Academy every year due their lack of judgement), and I want to thank you all, visitors from website and twitter, for the support over the years. It wouldn’t be as fun without you guys!

To celebrate, there’s a new layout up (since the weekend, because I’m not the waiting type of person), which I hope you guys have enjoyed. Let’s now prepare for more years ahead!

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