2018 Nov 19

“Vice” Movie Cast Covers The Hollywood Reporter

Did I say to you they’re coming to fight for that Oscar? So…
The current The Hollywood Reporter issue brings Vice cast (Amy Adams, Christian Bale and screenwriter/director Adam McKay) on its cover.

Christian Bale (who gained 45 pounds) and Amy Adams star in a satirical takedown of one of the most cunning figures in American politics as the director  opens up about the current climate, Fox News, Bill Clinton (“one of the worst presidents”) and why he’d “choose Trump over Bush  and Cheney.”

We’ll have scans added in our gallery asap. By now, you can read the full article at the THR website. On it, Amy Adams talked about her need to defend Lynne.

“I still feel the need to defend Lynne when people talk about her,” the actress says. “For me, it was my relationship with my grandmother. My grandmother who grew up in Provo, Utah, working-class. She reminded me so much of Lynne. I would just think of her and her offering me money to rub her bunions. ‘Amy, I’ll give you a quarter.'”

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