GAP (2007)

In December 2007, Amy was one of the celebrities who modeled for GAP clothing’s Holiday Classics Redefined photo campaign. She was photographed wearing a green V Neck sweatshit (The Color V) which retailed for $34.50. The photo was featured in store displays, ads, magazines, and in a GAP mailer.

Amy actually once worked as an overly enthusiastic greeter at a GAP store in Atlanta. “I worked at the Lenox Mall in the Gap. I wanted to work in the stockroom, but I was just too peppy. I tried, they were like ‘No you have to be at the front of the store. You are the only person who will literally talk to everyone who comes in the store'”, Amy recalls.

Other celebrities to appear in the Holiday ads include The Office co-star John Krasinski and Enchanted‘s James Marsden, among many others.

Going Hollywood (2004, Book Cover)

Amy appears on the front and back covers of the book Going Hollywood: How to Get Started, Keep Going and Not Turn Into a Sleaze by Kristin M Burke. It was orignally published back in July 27, 2004. Going Hollywood is a guide to building a career, and a life, in Hollywood. The book details the process of getting an entertainment career started, from making the decision to move to Hollywood, landing the first job, through the various stages of successes and setbacks in pursuit of an ultimately successful career. For Amy, a once struggling actress, it seems it would be easy for her to relate. You can pick up a copy on