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American Hustle Screen Captures
March 19, 2014    0

American Hustle is now available on Blu-Ray Combo + On Demand and you can get your copy here! Screencaptures of the film has now been added to the gallery: American Hustle (2013) > Screencaptures

American Hustle: New Stills
December 26, 2013    0

Some new American Hustle promotional stills and behind-the-scenes pictures has been added to the gallery, as well some replacements for better quality. Movies > American Hustle (2013) > Promotional Stills Movies > American Hustle (2013) > Official Behind-the-Scenes Movies > Man of Steel (2013) > Promotional Stills

‘There are people I’d love to eviscerate’
December 21, 2013    0

Amy Adams talks to Hermione Hoby about her transformation from Disney princess to the smouldering, scheming star of American Hustle Amy Adams has sparkly blue eyes, a cute, upturned nose and a reputation as one of the most polite actresses in Hollywood. Many of her more memorable performances, in films such as Junebug, Julie & […]

American Hustle: And Yet More Scans and Videos
December 17, 2013    0

More videos with American Hustle interviews has been added to the archive, and also scans of Dec. 20 Entertainment Weekly issue, thanks to Claudia: Magazine Scans > Scans from 2013 > Entertainment Weekly – December 20, 2013 Videos > Tag > American Hustle

‘American Hustle’: More Promotional Images
December 16, 2013    0

I added a few more promotional images of American Hustle, including some behind the scenes pictures. Check it: Movies > American Hustle (2013) > Promotional Stills Movies > American Hustle (2013) > Promotional Image Movies > American Hustle (2013) > Official Behind-the-Scenes

American Hustle: ‘I Like You’ Clip
December 9, 2013    1

Sony released a new clip, featuring Richie DiMaso (Bradley Cooper) and Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams) in which he tries to convince Sydney that Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale) is just using her. Lots of other clips/trailers and American Hustle-related videos has been added since yesterday, so be sure to check it in our video archive. American […]

Article: A Princess Finds Her Dark Side
December 9, 2013    0

Amy Adams Plays a Grifter in ‘American Hustle’ By Robert Ito to NY Times In “American Hustle,” the latest film by the director David O. Russell, Rosalyn Rosenfeld (Jennifer Lawrence) plants a lipstick-smearing kiss on Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams), a grifter who is having an affair with a fellow con artist (Christian Bale), who just […]