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(Video) Amy Adams on Arrival and Nocturnal Animals to DP/30
October 11, 2016    0

Amy gave an interview to DP/30 while on Telluride festival, and you can watch it below:

(Watch) New Interview with Indiewire
September 17, 2016    0

Indiewire has published a video interview with Amy made during TIFF. Which role will critics and Academy actors reward? I’m betting it’s smart sci-fi “Arrival” over artfully stylish “Nocturnal Animals.” But having two to choose from is a good thing, as Adams continues on to reprise Lois Lane in Zack Snyder’s “Justice League” and the […]

(Videos) TIFF Interviews on “Arrival” and “Nocturnal Animals” Masterpost
September 15, 2016    0

New “Arrival” Promotional Images
September 7, 2016    0

Our gallery was updated with new images of Amy as Louise Banks on Venice acclaimed film Arrival. Arrival (2016) > Production Stills

“Arrival” International Trailer
August 20, 2016    0

This week we also got released an international trailer for “Arrival“, and its a bit more spoilery than the previous one. It reveals quite a bit more from the time just before the aliens landed, Banks’ reaction, and the increasingly complicated attempts at communication. There’s the official synopsis for Arrival: When mysterious spacecraft touch down […]