Cruel Intentions 2

Character: Kathryn

Directed by: Roger Kumble

Written by: Roger Kumble

Produced by: Beej Gefsky, Neal H. Moritz

Cast Members: Robin Dunne, Sarah Thompson, Keri Lynn Pratt

Release date: March 13, 2001

Genre: Drama

Teenage playboy Sebastian Valmont moves to New York City to live with his socialite stepmother, Tiffany Merteuil, and his conniving stepsister, Kathryn. At their exclusive prep school, Sebastian falls for the headmaster's beautiful daughter, Danielle Sherman, while Kathryn vows to ruin another wealthy classmate. As the school year progresses, Kathryn and Sebastian spin a web of seduction and manipulation.


→ Seduce and Destroy.
→ Revenge is sweet and sexy.
→ Know your enemies. Lose your innocence. Hide your intentions.

Character’s Quotes

• Let’s get something straight! I may have not fooled you, but I’ve got a great thing going with the rentals. I don’t have a curfew, they never bother me about my homework, and I’ve got a five-figure allowance. No one, and I mean no one, is about to threaten my cushy lifestyle! Especially not some two-bit, hick loser like you.
• I don’t want to hear it! Now as for school, you stay out of my face and we’ll get along just fine. But if you cross me once, I’ll bury your sorry ass. Understood? Right. I’m glad we could have this little discussion.
• You know, you’re right. It was me who seduced you, but then again… who would the school board believe? It’s my word against yours. Think about it, Steve. Something like this could ruin your career, not to mention your marriage. But I guess if you can bend the rules a little, then so can I.
• Here’s a prediction: after a few weeks of hand-holding and chaste smooching, you’ll be so bored and horny that you’ll mess the whole thing up. Of course, I could wipe her off the map tomorrow, but I think I’ll let this little romance just flicker out all on it’s own.

Script developed by Never Enough Design