Dr. Vegas (Episodes Guide)
1.01 – Pilot
aired on September 24, 2004
Directed by: David Nutter | Written by: Jack Orman, John Herzfeld

Billy suspects that the hotel’s headline singer is a drug addict; a groom is caught stealing chips and is later found beaten, which leads to an ugly confrontation between Billy and Tommy.
1.02 – Advantage Play
aired on October 1, 2004
Directed by: Bryan Spicer | Written by: Craig Sweeny

Tommy fears a boxing match at the casino will get scrapped when a fighters injures himself before the bout. To ensure it doesn’t, he asks Billy to stitch the guy up and not report it. Elsewhere, a high-roller leaves his kid in Tommy’s care.
1.03 – Dead Man, Live Bet
aired on October 15, 2004
Directed by: Alan J. Levi | Written by: Jill Goldsmith

A man dying of cancer decides to live it up in Vegas during his final days and gets Billy to help him fulfill a wish list of things to do before he dies. Meanwhile, stress gets the better of Tommy during a slow financial week at the casino.
1.04 – All In
aired on October 22, 2004
Directed by: Phil Sgriccia | Written by: Jack Orman, John Herzfeld

Billy persuades Tommy to let him enter a poker tournament so he can be near a player who’s his patient. The decision doesn’t sit well with Alice, because Billy promised to go with her on a trip. Also, Veronica is pestered by an old flame.
1.05 – Limits
aired on October 29, 2004
Directed by: Dennis Smith | Written by: Lance Gentile

Tommy tries to help a friend’s adult son, but the guy’s penchant for getting into trouble makes it difficult. At the clinic, Billy and Alice attempt to go on with business after their breakup. Billy helps Veronica’s alcoholic dad dry out.