The Slaughter Rule

Character: Doreen

Directed by: Alex Smith, Andrew J. Smith

Written by: Alex Smith, Andrew J. Smith

Produced by: Christopher Cronyn, David O. Russell, Gavin O'Connor, Greg O'Connor

Cast Members: Ryan Gosling, David Morse, Clea DuVall, David Cale, Eddie Spears

Release date: January 8, 2003

Genre: Drama, Sport

Roy gets cut from his high school football team just days after his estranged father dies. For him, football is more than a proving ground. It is a promised escape from his lonely rural existence. Enter Gideon, a loner living on the roughneck fringe who is looking for gamers - kids who scrap hard - to play on his six-man football squad. Roy joins the Renegades, and he and Gideon enter into tenuous friendship that pushes the limits of male bonding.

Script developed by Never Enough Design